We describe ourselves as an artisan manufacturer. So what does that mean? Artisan in this context, refers to a traditional way of producing that utilises people instead of machines and uses simple methods such as melting, blending, whisking and pouring by hand to make products. This is the way that skincare used to be made before the advent of mass manufacture. We do use some machines for filling and labelling larger volumes but the bulk of our products are still simply made by real people. Because we produce most of our products in this way we are able to monitor the process closely to ensure that the end result is skincare of the finest quality. This has helped us to win many awards and accolades over the years.

However, because we use people to make the products this does not mean we are unable to manufacture high volumes. We have produced hundreds of thousands of products, which we have been able to do, simply by employing more people!

We subscribe to the living wage foundation for all our staff.


For many clients looking to create a natural or organic skincare range, the provenance of the ingredients contained in the formulations is often integral to their brand message. We manufacture products made from natural and certified organic plant extracts, many of which are fair trade and sourced from small farms and producers.

We work with a trusted number of suppliers with whom we have built relationships with over many years. We have even worked with growers who have supplied us with their own harvested ingredients so that we can make skincare for them.

Our ingredients come from all over the world and we use some of the most exquisite and costly oils and extracts such as Bulgarian Rose, Orange Blossom, Moroccan Argan, Ylang Ylang from Madagascar and Vetiver from Sri Lanka.

We assess every ingredient that we purchase to ensure that its provenance and purity are intact. Our annual inspection by the Soil Association also audits our ingredient trail from the farm the ingredient was grown on, to the finished product!


Although using natural and organic plant based ingredients in our formulations is more expensive than using artificial or synthetic substitutes, the therapeutic benefits gained from the purity and integrity of the formulations is unquestionable – not only in the fragrance and texture, but also in the way that natural ingredients are absorbed by the skin, which often results in improved skin condition.

Many people are unaware that the majority of skincare products they use are made up of a myriad of synthetic preservatives, detergents, fragrances and petrochemicals that can cause skin inflammations, irritation and dryness, as well as polluting our environment.

Natural and organic skincare now has the ability to perform as well as synthetic skincare, whilst having the added benefit of feeding the skin and nourishing it in the best possible way.


Sourcing premium quality ingredients ensures that the skincare products we make for you are of the finest quality and will benefit both your skin as well as the environment.

Plant ingredients are naturally biodegradable and do not cause harm to the waterways or aquatic life. For example, aloe vera, which is plant derived is an ingredient that is used in many of our shower, hair and facial wash formulations in the place of skin drying glycols – a widely used ingredient in many synthetic washes. Using aloe vera as part of our wash bases ensures that our skincare formulations are the very best quality from the base upwards.